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New Delhi: 

In the last 24 hours, India recorded 58,097 new COVID-19 cases, up 55% from yesterday's 37,379 cases. On December 28, the country reported 9,000 cases, meaning the total had increased by more than six times in just nine days. There are 2,135 examples of the Omicron variation in India, including 653 cases in Maharashtra and 464 cases in Delhi.

The weekly rate of positivity is 2.60 percent, while the daily rate is 4.18 percent. The percentage of all Covid tests that are genuinely positive is known as the positivity rate. If the number of positive tests is large or the total number of tests is low, it will be high.

Those between the ages of 15 and 18 are currently getting immunised. In India, over 147 crore vaccine doses have been delivered, marking an important step forward in the fight against COVID-19.

The current recovery rate is 98.01 percent. In the previous 24 hours, at least 15,389 people have recovered. There have been 3,43,21,803 persons who have recovered.

Active cases make up less than 1% of total cases, with 0.61 percent now active. The total number of active cases is 2,14,004.

During the period for which data for the latest Health Ministry figures was collected, 534 persons died of Covid. This includes 432 deaths in Kerala in recent months, which were added based on pending appeals following the Supreme Court's recent directions.

As the number of Covid cases continues to climb, several governments have enacted limitations such as night curfews.

The World Health Organization, or WHO, stated Tuesday that a rise in Omicron cases around the world could increase the likelihood of a newer, more severe strain arising.

While the variety is spreading like wildfire over the world, it appears to be significantly less severe than first thought, raising hopes that the pandemic will be vanquished and life may return to normalcy, according to the WHO.

However, WHO senior emergency officer Catherine Smallwood warned that the rising infection rates could have the opposite impact, according to news agency AFP.

"The more Omicron spreads, the more it transmits and the more it replicates, the more likely it is to throw out a new variant. Now, Omicron is lethal, it can cause death... maybe a little bit less than Delta, but who's to say what the next variant might throw out," Ms. Smallwood said.

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