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Tesla has sway all over the world at the moment, and its market value has begun to reach new heights. Along with innovation, the corporation has now earned a one-sided reputation for bringing new elegant and powerful electric vehicles to market. Glitches in the software and the autopilot semi-automatic driving, on the other hand, are causing a lot of problems for the company's consumers. Now we'll tell you about a disgruntled Tesla client who took action, the video of which you'll be astonished to watch. Tomas Katane, who was dissatisfied with his 2013 Tesla Model S, blew up his automobile with 30 kg of explosives in Finland.

On the instrument cluster, a number of error codes began to appear.

Tomas, the owner of a Tesla Model S, started having a lot of problems with his electric car after being delighted with it for a while. Many fault messages began to show on the instrument cluster as a result of this, and he became frustrated and took the car to the Tesla Service Center. The EV business advised the car owner a month later that the fault could not be fixed without replacing the complete battery pack. Let us inform you that this battery pack costs $ 22,480. (about Rs 17 lakh). There was no warranty left on Tomas' electric car, which was around 8 years old. Aside from that, the company started a slew of other costs associated with the car's restoration.

Grabbed the attention of the entire world

After learning about this, a Tesla customer detonated 30 kilograms of dynamite in the automobile. This episode has caught Tesla's attention, as well as the attention of the entire world. Before throwing the car down from the chopper, Tomas and his colleagues had placed a mannequin of Tesla CEO Elon Musk inside. Only a few elements of the car survived the blast, but the owner of the car has had a great deal of joy as a result of it. He also claimed to be the first person in the world to blow up his Tesla automobile. The only thing that has come to light in this whole episode is that if your Tesla car's warranty expires, you may be forced to spend a large sum to fix a minor issue.

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