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Rating - ⭐️⭐️½ [ 2.5 Stars ]

Tadap is an average individual film that has potential and even excites at times but its inconsistent screenplay and the flawed narrative never make you completely interested in the film. And if you analyze it as a remake then it's a bad remake that has many exciting scenes chopped from the original film and misses to create the intensity and charm the original had.

The storyline of the film revolves around a rage of a lover who lost the love of his life as she married to someone else and how he becomes a destructive man who is spoiling his life as well as intimating many people around as well. The screenplay of the film is highly inconsistent as you never connect to the story completely and a thread that binds all scenes and creates a flow in the narrative is missing. There are scenes that are related to each other but don't feel like. The treatment is very rushed especially in the first half and the film just jumps from one scene to another.

It's hard to believe that a Director like Milan lutharia who creates some of the well-made films like OUATIM fails to create the intensity and thrill that film required. The duration of the film is chopped up by around 20 minutes from the original and that void can be easily felt in the narrative. 

The first half of the film bores you at many points while the second half is comparatively better, All thanks to the good scenes & twists written by original writers of RX 100. The background score tries to elevate the scene but didn't succeed every time. Dialogues are just about fine. 

The cinematography is good. The music of the film is decent as well. Action sequences are partly entertaining. There are moments that try to engage you in the cinematography film but they didn't last for long. Chemistry is also half-baked.

@ahan.shetty is decent as a debutant, he looks impressive at places but needs an improvement in dialogue delivery. @tarasutaria looks stunning & delivers a decent act. Saurabh Shukla and Kumud Mishra have done their job brilliantly. The film also carries the flaws of the original film RX 100 that felt unrelatable and unconvincing at times.

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