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Rating - ⭐️⭐️⭐⭐️½ [ 4.5 Stars ]

Spiderman: No way Home is basically a love letter to all spiderman fans that takes you through the crazy world of Multiverse and throws many pleasant and crazy surprises at you in regular intervals. It's not just another MCU's triumph but also one of the best superhero films ever made. The film has action, humor, emotions, crazy surprises, nostalgia, and everything you could have hoped for before entering the theatre and makes a PERFECT balance out of it.

The story of the film starts right from the scene where Mysterio reveals the identity of Peter Parker A.K.A Spiderman spoils the life of not just peter but everyone around him. So Our friendly neighborhood spiderman takes the help of doctor strange to make everyone forget about it and makes a mess of it which leads to open the crazy world of Multiverse. Everything that follows next is one hell of a Cinematic Experience. The screenplay of the film is thoroughly exceptionally enjoyable and never gives you a single dull moment for even a second. Right I said before, it has everything in a perfect balance to make you go crazy and gaga over it.

No way Home is the most emotional film after the end game in MCU not just because of the events that happen in the film but also because it makes our childhood alive with its nostalgic moments. Well, I am the kind of movie watcher who just watches movies silently 360 days in a year, but no way home is one of those days where I shot, clapped, and got crazy throughout its 2nd Half.

The entry sequences are outstanding. The action sequences are brilliant. The cinematography is Top Notch. The background score is powerful. The humor works smoothly. The emotional sequences are touching. I can go on, on and on but The less i talk about the film, the better for you. Just go and experience the crazy shit yourself.


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