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Following the tremendous havoc caused by many tornadoes across the United States, a photo of twin tornadoes coming towards Missouri has gone viral online. At least 50 individuals are believed to have died as a result of the tornadoes. People trapped in collapsing factories and warehouses, including an Amazon warehouse, are being rescued.

Officials claimed on Saturday that a devastating cluster of tornadoes slammed across six US states, killing more than 70 people in Kentucky and leaving a trail of wrecked houses and businesses along a 200-mile course.

At least four tornadoes struck areas of Kentucky overnight, causing substantial damage in over a dozen counties. Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear said the main tornado traveled more than 227 miles (365 kilometers) across the state.

"The level of devastation is unlike anything that I have ever seen," Beshear said. "We were pretty sure that we would lose over 50 Kentuckians, I'm now certain that that number is north of 70. It may in fact end up exceeding 100 before the day is done." He said 189 National Guard personnel have been deployed to assist with the emergency response.

Mayfield, a little city of roughly 10,000 inhabitants in the far western section of Kentucky, where the state converges with Illinois, Missouri, and Arkansas, suffered some of the worst damage.

About 110 people were inside a candle factory in the area when the tornado ripped through, bringing down the roof and causing mass casualties, Beshear said.

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