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Netflix has created a new website called "Tudum" that will provide customers with information on renewals, release dates, and additional content for its TV series and movies. The website is billed as a "place to learn more about your Netflix favorites," according to the firm. Users can log into the website with their Netflix account for a more tailored experience. Netflix claims that the website is still in its early stages and that it hopes to expand it and add new services in the future.

Tudum will provide additional content and information about Netflix's television shows and films. Users will be able to go further into Netflix's programming and utilize the website to learn things like where else they've seen the cast of "The Witcher" and whether "Maid" is based on a true story, according to Netflix. Exclusive interviews, cast breakdowns, information about popular material on the platform, a trending news section, facts about future series, an explore section, and more can be found on the website.

Tudum is the name of Netflix's global virtual fan event, which took place in September and was called after the sound viewers hear when they push play on Netflix. Exclusive first glimpses and panels with stars from some of Netflix's most popular shows were part of the event. Conversations with the producers and stars of some of Netflix's most popular shows, including "Stranger Things," "Emily in Paris," "The Witcher," "The Crown," "Cobra Kai," and "Bridgerton," were part of the event.

Bozoma Saint John, Netflix's chief marketing officer, announced the new website's introduction in a blog post, saying that the company is "happy to offer Tudum for fans to dive deeper into the stories they love, feed their passions, and start new conversations." It's still early days, and today's debut is just the start."

The new website is now accessible from anywhere in the world, however, it is now only in English. Netflix has not stated whether or not it intends to deploy the website in additional languages.

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