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While mobile companies such as Airtel and Vi have increased their pricing by as much as 25%, Reliance Jio has recently unveiled a Re 1 value package.

This is most likely the cheapest prepaid package ever offered in the Indian telecom market. The plan, which is primarily a data plan, provides the user with 100MB of data and a 30-day validity period. The 4G internet speed reduces to 64Kbps after the 100MB data has been utilized.

The plan also allows you to queue up multiple Re 1 recharges, and if one runs out, the other will take its position in the queue to be replaced. This strategy, on the other hand, is a godsend to individuals who aren't always online or who don't want to waste their data by purchasing extra data.

Surprisingly, this plan is now less expensive than Jio's existing 1GB data plan, which costs Rs 15. If you queue for ten of these, you'll get 1GB of data in total and save Rs 5.

You might be thinking, "What's the catch?" This plan, however, is not available to everyone. The plan is only viewable to selected Jio subscribers in the 'Value' portion of the MyJio app's 'Other Plans' section.

How to activate and verify the Re 1 Jio Plan

Go to the MyJio app if you want to make the most of this plan and want to see if you're one of the few who are eligible.

Go to the recharging area of the app. Look for 'Value' on the top bar, which should be immediately next to 'Top-up.' Scroll down to the 'Other Plans' section under the 'Value' section to locate the Re 1 plan.

Simply click buy and follow through the payment method as you would with any other recharge, and the plan should be enabled within minutes.

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