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12 December 2021

Indian Railways is set to introduce Hostesses in premium trains on lines of flight attendants.

The train attendants shall match the hospitality standard of those in flights to compete with airlines' services, said an official of the Indian Railways.

According to Hindustan Times, hostesses will be introduced in premium trains such as the Vande Bharat Express, the Gatimaan Express, and the Tejas Express. The attendants, however, shall not be serving long-distance trains such as Rajdhani Express or Duronto Express.

All train attendants will not be just females. All those appointed for the post are required to be well trained in the field of hospitality service, like greeting passengers, serving them food and taking care of their complaints, a senior official of the Indian Railways said, adding that the hostesses will be working only during the daytime and would not be inducted into overnight services. 

The decision has been taken as part of the Railways' ongoing drive to modernize the experience of train travel and provide better passenger facilities as an incentive to generate more footfall. 

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