Indian Army : Nanjappa Sathiram Village Adopted for Helping In rescue Operation held at IAF Chopper crash Incident | Trendsfirst


Chennai: The Indian Army said on Monday that the Dakshin Bharat Area headquarters will adopt the village of Nanjappa Sathiram, where a chopper accident killed 12 people, including CDS Bipin Rawat, last week. Two villagers who first witnessed the incident and reported it to the police received a monetary award of Rs 5,000 from the Army.

The Indian Army praised the village residents for responding quickly and evacuating the late CDS General Bipin Rawat to a safer location in the steep terrain on Monday, according to a PTI report. They also expressed gratitude for their efforts, saying that the locals are like "God" for attempting to save the surviving passengers in the Coonoor tragedy that killed 13 of 14 people.

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