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06 December 2021

Hyderabad: Gattipally Shivpal, a 42-year-old man from Hyderabad has become the first Indian dwarf to get a driving license. 

With a height of about three feet, earlier he became the first person to complete his degree as a handicapped in his district Karimnagar in the year 2004.

Speaking to ANI, Mr. Shivpal said: "People used to tease me because of my height and today I am nominated for The Limca book of records and many others. Many short people are contacting me for driving training."

He has decided to start a driving school next year for physically handicapped people.

Mr. Shivpal who presently works at a private firm has decided to start a driving school next year for physically handicapped people. He is the eldest sibling and the only dwarf in his family.

Narrating his struggles with finding a job to sustain himself in Hyderabad, Mr. Shivpal said that initially "People were not ready to offer me a job as I was handicapped. Through a friend, I got a job in a private company and now I have been working here for the past 20 years,"

"To commute, whenever I booked cabs, they used to cancel the ride. When I used to go out with my wife, people passed bad comments. That's when I decided to own a car and ride it," he added.

Enthusiastic to learn to drive, Mr. Shivpal surfed the internet and found a car modification video uploaded by an American man. After getting a car modified, Mr. Shivpal learned car driving from a friend. 

However, he had to struggle a lot in getting a driving license as the transport department had certain guidelines for height.

After appealing to the authorities, he obtained a learner's license for three months and then received a driver's license after giving a proper driving test with an official sitting beside him.

"Everybody has some fault in them, but finding your hidden talents and achieving them is what matters," he remarked.

Credits - NDTV

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