Satyameva Jayate 2 Movie Review

 Satyameva Jayate is an unbearable film that will test your patience as well as sanity by its Sluggish Storyline, Terrible Screenplay, Over the top unbearable Action sequences, Loud irritating Background Score, Forgettable Songs, Cringe Dialogues, Shouting Performances and of course torturous vision of Milap Zaveri. Its a film that has everything you don't want to watch on screen even for free Forget about buying a ticket.

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The storyline of the film is not just about Two John (the who are sons of another John ) fighting against the corruption by taking law in their hand but it also wants to shed lights on several topics like communal harmony, govt. Hospitals, Women's safety and none of this made any sense in the film. The screenplay of the film is a scattered pieces of random scenes where one subplot ends with the murder so the film can jump into another and there is absolute minimal efforts to create any depth or sense for any of the moments. Of course Milap Zaveri tries everything from patriotism to chest thumbing dialogues to action sequences to have the approval of masses but he is unaware that there is a line between a mass elements and cringe elements and he is 10 km beyond that line in this film.

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The dialogues of the film are unproductive & absolute cringe which are used for the chest thumping by every characters. The background score is loud & irritating. Even the performances of the film. The action sequences of the film are beyond any limits. There is literally a scene of three john ( one of them is ghost btw 😂 ) stopping a helicopter by their bare hands. Even the performances of the film is absolute gross. John needs to break this phase where he believes shouting is one kind of kind of acting. Divya kumar khosla's performance is ABSOLUTELY BLAND.

The second half of the film should be especially kept as the example of how not to make a film. There are the moments where i literally laugh out my heart on the misery I am experiencing in the theatre. ( I am not just saying, i literally did this ). I even reached to a point where I was least bothered about the film & just looking how people around me is coping with this 😭😳.

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