Bengal : Answer GK questions and get a free ride

22 November 2021

Howrah : The modern world keeps on evolving so fast. With this change, we daily come across people doing certain unique things. 

Image source- Oneindia

Similar is the case with one driver in the state of West Bengal. Suranjan Karmakar is an E - Rickshaw driver in Howrah district of West Bengal. He's going viral over Facebook because of his unique way of offering free rides to people. He asks a set of General knowledge questions from everyone who wants to ride his E - Rickshaw. Whoever is successful in answering all the questions correctly, gets a ride absolutely free of cost. 

His recent encounter with a family commuting from his E - Rickshaw received a following reply, "I’ll let go of the fare if you can answer 15 general knowledge questions I’m going to ask you".

He often ask normal questions like :-

1. Who wrote Jana Gana Mana?

2. Who was the first CM of West Bengal?

3. What is Sridevi’s birthdate?

4. Who was world’s first test-tube baby?

According to him, he dropped out of school in Class 6 due to financial constraints but has a habit of reading every day till 2 AM. He is also a member of the Liluah Book Fair Foundation.

Tip - You can search him on Google as "Adbhut Totowala".

Stay tuned for more such interesting news.

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