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 Rating - ⭐️⭐️⭐½ [ 3.5 Stars ]

Antim - The final truth [ Hindi Remake of Marathi film " Mulshi Pattern " ] is an engaging film that keeps you interested in its events throughout the duration and surprisingly turns out to be a good Mass entertainer. The story of the film revolves around a guy " Rahul " whose dad is a farmer who had to sell his land and work as a labor and this misery of his family leads him to become a gangster.

Its a crime drama sets in Pune and story revolves around his rise, love life, events with other gangsters etc. The screenplay of the film is tight and have enough mass elements ( which are nowhere seems to be over the top and cringe ) to give audience an enjoyable affair. The Hero of the film is Mahesh Manjrekar who understands the story very well and adapted it sincerely. The mass elements in the film is much more than the original story but it never tempers the narrative. Mahesh created a proper environment of crime drama and tells the story in a crisp & entertaining way. Special applaud for handling Salman khan in treating way and making him a director's actor which is a need of an hour.

Aayush Sharma's Hardwork can be clearly visible on the screens and he is a much improved actor now. Yes, there is still much more to improve in his skills but he has given a good performance in the film. especially in the second half his portrayal of the gangster is electrifying. Salman khan is finally back in his elements and there is no nonsense elements we were bearing since 3 - 4 years. He has given a poised & sincere act in Antim and also entertain his fans but in limited and well balanced manner. Mahima Makwana is good in her debut. The supporting cast of the film is legendary & actors like Mahesh Manjrekar, Upendra Limaye, Sachin khedekar are best performers. Jishu & Nikitin are good as well.

Dialogues of the film are massy as well as impactful. Background score of the film is Highlight which gives life to various scenes. Flaws - Music of the is very weak & the film lacks novelty. Second half drags a bit, there are some scenes which are there only for bhai fans but not for the story.. Overall a Good One Time Watch.


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